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Aptcom is an app for apartment buildings

From discussing issues relating to the building, to finding someone to water your pot plants while you are away, to meeting new neighbours,  Aptcom is the easy way to connect with people in your building.

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Simple, Easy

  Aptcom aims to make communicating in apartment buildings simpler and easier.  Discuss issues,  ask for advice, help build community.

A Private Network

A private network that only you and the people in your building have access to and where you can more easily control content.

More Useful

Aptcom is specialised for apartment buildings and communications and information useful to you and your neighbors.


A safer environment.

With better instant communication comes better safety. For example - there is a break in - you can post it on the news board which goes instantly to all users. Or smaller things - easy, efficient communication is key.

Find Your Building

A community not just a building

Community starts with communication - so why not make it easy? You can find out who your neighbors are, post in general news for all residents - or reply one on one. You have complete control. Easier, more efficient communication helps make larger buildings smaller.

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