About Us

Aptcom is a Perth based startup with the aim of making communications in apartment buildings simpler and easier, and helping build a better sense of community. 

Reasons to Use Aptcom

A better community in the building.  There is significant research showing that a good sense of community is a factor in a healthier, happier life. Studies also show it is a factor in long life expectancy.

Easier. Get in touch with your neighbors more easily. By having more access to people you can ask about a problem, the more likely you are to be able to solve problems quickly - giving you more time to focus on things you would rather be doing.

Independant. Aptcom is independent and specialises in apartment buildings. We don’t store your personal data or preferences apart from what is functionally necessary.

Control. Aptcom has a higher level of control of content and privacy than general social sites or app’s.

Specialised. Aptcom is specialised for apartment buildings and communication and information usefull to you and your neighbours.

Small.  We do everything in house with a small team and we are flexible in making changes to suit your building. We also develop custom apps for apartment buildings. Let us know if you have a suggestion how something can be improved.

For Investors. A better social cohesion in the building results in lower tennant turnover. The average cost to an investor per tennant turnover is estimated at $2500.

We can be contacted via the feedback form, by emailing  feedback@aptcom.com.au or phoning 1300 670 574. We are located at level G 45 St Georges Tce Perth.

Thankyou for joining us on the journey!

The Aptcom Team.


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