A Better Development.

Our aim is to work with you to create a customised and branded app for your development.

Aptcom helps differentiate your development by having its own information and communication app - providing additional reasons for prospective purchasers choose your development over another. It also adds value to your product by providing a better experience of your brand throughout the customer journey.

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All the information about your building in one location

Having all the information about your building in an app  and easily accessible from day one is an added feature of your development. From policies and procedures, to manuals for different appliances, to information about specifications and maintenance. It can all be reliably stored and retrieved ... 24/7.

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Mobile vs Desktop

Mobile's share of digital minutes  has now surpassed desktop minutes. In most developed countries mobile has a 60-70% share of total digital minutes.

Changing Preferences

89% of consumers prefer messaging to communicate with businesses. 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent. 50% of 18-24 year olds pay with their phone.

Connected Devices

The connected home device market is expected to grow to $4.7bn by 2021 from $377M in 2016. The use of connected home entertainment devices grew 75% in 2017.

A Smarter Development.

Mobile will  increasingly become the way residents interact with their living spaces, from home entertainment systems, to remotely adjusting  air-conditioning, heating, white-goods or smart door locks. Position your brand as being in touch with your customers lifestyle.


Your Buildings Own App

Our platform is customised  to your building to create a unique app available in the Apple Store, Google Play or through a browser.

A Smart Building

Smart communications and real time access to information about the building for all parties involved.

Robust and Reliable

Quickly develop a digital platform and strategy for your development using our reliable,  user friendly technology.


Why us?

We specialise in mobile communication for apartment buildings - efficient, user friendly processes between each and every party involved  all on one platform. 

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